Pulling Music From The Air

The Stifled Artist

If you feel a pull in the direction of the musical world, if your medium of choice is plucking melodies from the collective of ideas floating somewhere beyond the veil, and you manage to pull that indefinable thing out of the air and craft it into a living, breathing song that can then be played on a phone, in a computer, in a car, in headphones, on a stereo, in a room with other people or by yourself on an instrument of your choosing, it’s a feeling unlike any other.

My dad is funny. He, the classical pianist, who taught me to love music from the time I was born (age 2 found me screaming and pounding the stereo speakers when my parents turned off the music), texts me the other day and asks me if I’m finding myself in my music. “I spent a lot of time there…once…” he…

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I'm just me. I like to make things.

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